How do most doctors handle a patient with panic attacks? Not very well. Most patients either get a referral to a psychiatrist or a quickly written prescription for anti-anxiety medication such as Ativan. The panic attacks come back in full force once the medication is stopped. Why? Because the attacks were merely masked and not treated.

Drugs prescribed for anti anxiety were never intended to be a cure. They work on your nervous system. The body has what’s called a Central Nervous System (CNS) that gets and gives out signals.

Sometimes, those signals can go haywire. It’s not anyone’s fault when that happens. The autonomic system in the body is one that baffles most family doctors because they’ve been taught to fix whatever health manifestation they see is wrong.

For example – a patient comes into their office with a pounding heart rate. The doctor sends them to a cardiologist to get thousands of dollars worth of tests. If nothing shows up on the tests, the doctor says nothing is wrong. But it’s the doctor who is wrong.

They haven’t been taught to look beyond the outer signs to what’s going on inside. So they prescribe medication that only soothes the symptoms and doesn’t fix the problem. These medications are like carrying a teaspoon of water along with you to drink on a midday trek across the Mojave Desert. You might feel like everything is okay, but it’s only an illusion because of the drugs. Once the drugs are out of your system, the panic attacks come right back.

The fortunate thing is that you don’t have to live that way. You don’t have to just cover up your panic attacks. There is no shame involved in having a panic attack. There are people who don’t understand them and doctors who don’t understand them, but that’s the case with almost every health condition known.

Always remember that the problem isn’t you. You cannot help how your body’s CNS responds to certain signals, but you can find an effective way to stop them. You can get treatment for your panic attacks through Panic Away.

This effective treatment course won’t have you running to the psychiatrist and you won’t have to sit in front of a doctor who only wants to push medication at you. Panic Away wasn’t developed in a lab by someone who read about panic attacks in a medical journal. It was created by someone who has walked the road you’re walking and knows exactly how you feel.

Visit the Panic Away website for more information and get the help you need, today!

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